31 January

Death claim in life insurance policy

Category: Moter insurance

Your insurance covers the risk of death and the resultant loss of income due to it. The family/nominee of the insured is supposed to carry out the prescribed procedure to receive insurance claims.

Certain steps are to be followed, which are as follows: 

The Agent should be informed: He shall help you claim the money in your hour of grief, therefore should be informed.

Intimation of claim proceedings:

The company should be informed about the date, time, place and cause of death to initiate the proceedings as soon as possible.

Claim Form:

Once you do the intimation, you need to fill up death form along with certain documents that need to be furnished before the insurance company.


The requisite documents are: 

• Death certificate 

• Original policy document 

• Deed of assignments, if any 

• Discharge form 

If no nomination has been made, the claimant is required to attach proof that he is legally entitled to make the claim. 


The company may ask for additional documents after verification of claim to its satisfaction. it will inform the claimant accordingly and pay the death claim amount. 

Points to note:

1. Claim intimation can be made by any relative of the insured, even if they are not a nominee or assignee. 

2. In case of a unit linked insurance plan, the death claim is equivalent to the sum assured or the fund value, whichever is higher.